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LASSTEC–enabled spreader twistlocks to measure the container weight and to provide additional handling safety:

  • Exact load measurement of each twistlock and the total container weight.
  • Determine load eccentricity in single and twinlift applications.
  • Positive identification of all engaged twistlocks when carrying a container.
  • Prevent lifting of containers with 2 twistlocks only and subsequent damage.
  • Additional safety for Twin Twenty Detection to prevent lifting in 40ft mode.
  • Determine snag load situations to stop hoist and to prevent damage.
  • Identify if one or more corner of the container is locked with the stack on the vessel.
  • Identify if a container is jammed in the ship cell.
  • Detect and prevent accidental lifting of a road trailer still connected to a container.
  • Determine load eccentricity in Mobile Harbour Crane application while still in the ship cell.
  • Accurately measure and record twistlock load cycles to optimise replacement intervals.
  • Spreader and crane life cycle management and overload situation tracking.